Frank Lemon

Frank Lemon (DJ/Producer)

Frank Lemon is the name of the young DJ/Producer from Graz, Austria.

In his early age he grew up with the influences of ‘The Prodigy’ and ‘Pendulum’. After listening to
several ‘Spor’ tracks and seeing him perform on his first Club visit ever, he decided to dig deeper
and become a part of the Drum & Bass and EDM culture. After 2 years of deejaying, he quickly
developed an interest in producing music as well. Till this day Frank released several EP’s and
Singles, which are all on his Soundcloud page to listen to.

His style reaches from hard and bouncy Jump Up Drum’n’Bass like his first EP ‘Noise’, to jazzy and
funky Glitch Hop like the groovy ‘Almost Cheesy EP’ on which he teamed up with the British
producer Kuda. Even if his main focus lies on D&B and Glitch Hop, Frank experiments a lot with
other Genres like Breakbeat, Dubstep, NuFunk, House or Electro both production and deejay wise.

With his weekly mixes he brings the fans the newest tracks of the scene as well as exclusive
unreleased tracks. You can listen to them on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or YouTube.

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