Odyo (DJ/Producer)

Vienna based drum & bass artist Jakob aka. ODYO tried to find his way in many different styles of the drum and bass and EDM culture.


He was always interested in electronic music so he started DJ-ing at the age of 12 and bought his first production software when he turned 13.

Because he never had someone to help him develop his knowledge about producing music, he had to learn it himself.

He went from making EDM to Neurofunk and finally found his destiny in liquid and deep drum and bass.
After five years of evolving his skills and many released tracks on soundcloud, he finally released his first EP. „Fight“ on Fresh Recordings in 2018.

His musical style is influenced by many icons of the liquid drum and bass scene like Etherwood, GLXY and many more.

Releases on Fresh Recordings

Inner Blossoms / Fight