Volvox (DJ/Producer)

Leaving his teenage-genre-hopping days behind him, from Hardcore to Pop-Punk and back, 2011 saw a Drum & Bass epiphany, as a deep rooted interest in electronic music began, bringing Volvox (Lukas Moshuber) to the sound he plays and produces today.
His already gained music experience (Keys & Drums) made it easy for him to get his hands on DJing and Music Producing. Just 3 months after he kicked off DJing as Volvox in 2012, he achieved his first Mix Competition success and won a slot at the Camera Club (Vienna). Further Mix Competition victories followed and one took him to the stage of the big Austrian EDM Festival called Beatpatrol (2013, St. Pölten). This little breakthrough delivered him many good bookings in the scene, Flex, Fluc (Vienna), Warehouse (St. Pölten), Rockhaus (Salzburg), Sub (Wr. Neustadt), Bergwerk (Neusiedl), Cube (Graz), Künstlerhaus (Klagenfurt) – just to list a few. In 2015 Volvox started to release his own music on labels such as Moshbit Records, Fresh Recordz and Lovedigital.


Releases on Fresh Recordings

Fresh Recordings Halloween

Fresh Recordings Halloween

Space EP